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Watch Keegan-Michael Key play a ‘very special’ Skyrim with Amazon Alexa

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Skyrim’s been ported everywhere else, so why the heck not?

Skyrim came out in 2011, but years later, Bethesda is still porting its iconic RPG to all sorts of platforms. Next-gen, VR, remastered versions: you name it, Skyrim is probably on it. During today’s E3 keynote, Bethesda acknowledged this absurd reality by showing off a trailer for a fake version of Skyrim that’s available on Alexa with a little help from Keegan-Michael Key.

You’d think this is just an E3 gag, but as it turns out, a version of Skyrim on Alexa is indeed playable. Here’s PC Gamer demonstrating it in action.

Update 8:14AM ET: Added video of Alexa Skyrim, which is apparently kind of real.