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Devolver Digital mocks loot boxes and cryptocurrencies with its latest E3 stunt

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Putting comedy on the blockchain

Devolver Digital returned again this year for a surreal spoof on E3 press conferences, and it came bearing bizarre gifts. Among its many strange announcements: Lootbox Coin, a 2.5-inch, banana yellow coin that “has no actual value and by no means is to be considered cryptocurrency or a currency of any kind.”

Its price changes sporadically and without warning. (Currently, it’s selling for $125, but god knows where it’ll be in an hour.) You can own this strange item yourself, but again, it has no value beyond a novelty gag. “You can’t buy anything with it,” the site says. “In fact, it’s insane for you to really buy it unless you want to prove your loyalty to Fork Parker, Nina Struthers, and the Devolver Digital executive board.”

I have no idea how long this thing will be on sale. It has also changed in price as I wrote this sentence ($113) because like life itself, it is wildly unpredictable and ultimately pointless.