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Watch the first gameplay trailer for PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima

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A beautiful blend of action and stealth

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming title set in feudal Japan from the makers of the Infamous series of superhero games, and they just showed off the first gameplay trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

In the trailer, which is set during a Mongol invasion, your character mounts his horse and charges down a beautifully animated hillside into a forest. Once there, he encounters a variety of sword-wielding enemies. The gameplay appears to focus on well-timed counters and vicious sword attacks, and the trailer was among the goriest of E3 so far.

The trailer also shows your fighter and a companion sneaking into a temple and using stealth to get the drop on his enemies. In one memorable moment, he stabs through a screen to kill one enemy as he attempts to call for reinforcements.

Announced last October, Ghost of Tsushima is a new open-world game from Sucker Punch that combines action and stealth inside a beautifully atmospheric version of Japan.