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The OriginX is a beautiful, custom-made arcade cabinet for the one percent

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Lots of retro gaming style for $3,416.52

Chances are you will never be able to afford one of Swedish designer Love Hultén’s gorgeous, handmade wooden retro consoles or arcade cabinets. I’m in the same boat. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t appreciate the design work that goes into making them, like his latest piece, the OriginX wall-mounted arcade cabinet.

Inspired by the original Pong arcade cabinet, Hultén’s spin is built from a walnut housing with an aluminum control panel and facade (painted yellow to match the original Pong style, but customizable to whatever color you’d like should you actually buy one.)

On the inside, Hultén has a modern computer with a MAME emulator for running classic games (the cabinet offers full two-player support), with USB access for easily adding your own ROMs. Alternatively, there’s the option to install a JAMMA board of your choice for playing original arcade hardware instead. The screen is a 19-inch 4:3 LCD, with a custom barrel distortion filter designed to emulate the style of classic CRT monitors.

Hultén is only making 50 OriginX cabinets, though, and at €2,899.00 (roughly $3,416.52, a price that doesn’t include VAT and shipping from Sweden), only the wealthiest retro gamers will likely ever be able to own one. But it’s nice to dream.