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Ooblets is still the cutest game at E3

Ooblets is still the cutest game at E3


Dance battles!

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E3 can sometimes be a draining conference. After all, it is a show primarily about video games. And video games, even in 2018, have the unfortunate tendency to focus on guns and blood and gore and murder and explosions and stabbings and guns.

But then there are games like Ooblets, the incredibly charming Pokémon / Harvest Moon / Animal Crossing-inspired game from Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser, which just got a new trailer at the PC Gaming Show highlighting how combat between the adorable ooblet creatures will work. (Spoiler: it’s a dance battle!)

The new trailer also shows more of the land (called Oob, naturally) that you’ll be able to help build and explore with your ooblet friends, a brief look at the gardening mechanics for growing more ooblets to be your friends, and a quick glance at the customization options for your house to live with your ooblet friends.

What I’m trying to get at here is that the ooblets are adorable, and you can be friends with them in this game.

Ooblets will be out sometime in 2018 (according to the Steam page) on Windows 10 and the Xbox One.