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Fortnite is now available on the Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is now available on the Nintendo Switch

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The biggest game in the world is coming to the hottest gaming platform. After a few leaks and rumors, today Epic Games officially announced that Fortnite is coming the Nintendo Switch. And it’s coming very soon: it’s available as a free download today. Unlike other online games such as Rocket League that have been ported to the platform, it doesn’t appear that Fortnite on the Switch will include any Nintendo-specific content, so you can keep dreaming about a Metroid skin or Wario emote. There is also no cross-play with Fortnite players on the PS4.

The news comes not long after Epic announced that the game would be coming to Android this summer; it’s currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS. The Switch announcement also follows a busy few weeks for the battle royale game. Fortnite recently introduced its fourth season, had a successful crossover event with Avengers: Infinity War, and Epic revealed plans to invest a staggering $100 million in competitive Fortnite play over the next year. All of this has led to some big earnings; Fortnite raked in an estimated $300 million in April alone.

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