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Super Mario Party might be the most creative Switch game yet

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Change the screens, change the game

In one of the most obvious game / console pairings of all time, the Mario Party series is finally coming to the Switch with the newly announced Super Mario Party. Nintendo is leveraging almost every unique feature on the Switch for the upcoming party game. Players will be able to play with just a single Joy-Con (so two pairs will get you set for a full four-player game), and the iconic mini-games will leverage the Wii-like motion controls as well as traditional gameplay.

But where things get really interesting is when you get multiple Switch tablets in the equation. Players will be able to pair off into teams, displaying content on each Switch instead of dividing up the screen for split-screen. But even cooler, players will be able to link multiple Switches together as a single, giant display — where the configuration of the consoles determines the playing field (just like a Nintendo patent from earlier this year described).

In an example shown in the brief trailer, players were able to move the two Switch screens in different ways to change the map they were about to play on, from a straight line to a T-formation for different strategic advantages. It’s one of the more creative ways the portable nature of the Switch has been put to use, and it’ll be interesting to see how else Nintendo leverages it across the rest of Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party launches on October 5th.