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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will support GameCube controllers

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will support GameCube controllers


Ok, NOW Smash Bros. is back

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t just bringing back every single playable character from across Smash Bros. history — it’s also going to support the classic Nintendo GameCube controller.

Nintendo also teased a new, Smash Bros.-branded re-release of the GameCube controller similar to what it offered with the Wii U version of Smash Bros., although no prices or release dates have yet been announced for the resurrected controller. To get GameCube controllers to work, though, you will need a USB adapter for your Switch — fortunately, there are plenty of third-party options out there. The need for the old-style USB adapter also means that you won’t be able to hook up GameCube controllers when the Switch is in handheld or tabletop mode. Still, any GameCube support is better than nothing. 

The Switch has actually supported GameCube controllers since October 2017, when the system got a software update that quietly added support for the venerated controllers that have become almost synonymous with Smash Bros. at this point. On a technical level, the Switch supports GameCube controller inputs for any game, assuming you can get away with only two trigger buttons (instead of the four usually offered by the Switch).

Nintendo will also be re-releasing it’s official GameCube controller adapter for the Switch alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December, should you prefer to stick with an officially branded option. 

Update June 12th, 1:25pm: Added details for Nintendo’s plans for GameCube controller adapters.