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Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year

We don’t have a concrete release date just yet

Image: Bandai Namco

Nintendo announced today during its E3 press conference that celebrated anime brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ would be making its way to the Switch later this year. The game was first announced at E3 last year to much fanfare, and its gorgeous art style and intense action sequences made the experience look like the TV show was brought to life in the purest way possible.

When the game launched in January of this year, it was met with universal acclaim. In my experience playing it for the PlayStation 4, I was shocked at how simultaneously accessible and deep the combat was. It was also just absurdly great to look at. Developer Arc System Works brought its knowledge and expertise from the Guilty Gear franchise to make the best DBZ game in years, right at the height of Dragon Ball Super’s popularity. Now, with the Switch version on the way, we’ll be able to play FighterZ on the go.