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Google’s AR Stickers will expand outside Pixel phones for the first time

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The LG G7 ThinQ will be the first non-Pixel device to receive the update

Image: LG

Six months after their original launch, the Google Pixel 2’s AR Stickers are making it onto a phone from a different company: the LG G7 ThinQ. It’s the first time that Google has allowed the AR Stickers app to exist on a device that wasn’t part of its own flagship line, signaling a potential move to expand access to the feature.

These AR stickers are 3D images and text that you can add to your photos. This new feature will be available with the phone’s next software update and will function similarly to how they do on the Pixel. According to LG’s release, the feature will be accessible through the phone’s native camera application.

These stickers take advantage of Google’s ARCore platform, which in the past, Google has used to create sets of stickers involving Star Wars and Stranger Things characters. It is uncertain whether those will be arriving on the new device.

The blog post making the announcement made no note of the update arriving to phones outside of Korea, so it’s up in the air whether LG G7 ThinQ owners elsewhere will be receiving the feature.