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Watch 25 minutes of Nintendo explaining what makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate different

Lots of minor changes (and also Ridley)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the biggest game in the franchise’s history, bringing back every character from across the entire series to the Switch installment of the fighting game. And if you missed Nintendo’s presentation, the company has posted the full 25-minute-long dive into what makes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate different from previous games in the series with director Masahiro Sakurai.

While there’s less here in the way of new characters — Sakurai says that the team wanted to focus on bringing back the entire old roster instead — there’s a lot to unpack in the smaller, more subtle changes to each character. According to Sakurai, the entire game has been reworked and rebalanced from the ground up for a faster fighting speed. If you’re someone who takes their Smash Bros seriously (or just are interesting in the nitty gritty details) it’s worth a watch.

And for fans of the series looking for an even deeper look into what’s new in Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo has posted its website showing off the updated roster, with additional videos and images showing off each fighters moves and abilities.