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Google Home can now handle up to three commands simultaneously

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And Multiple Actions were just added, too

Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Google already announced this at I/O 2018, but the new Multiple Actions feature has just started rolling out to Google Home users across the United States. Now, you can stack commands — like asking about your commute, the weather, and telling Assistant to start playing music — by only saying “OK Google” or “Hey Google” once.

It’s great news for frequent users of Assistant on Home speakers or on smartphones. Queries are natural, so instead of asking, “Hey Google, what’s the weather in Paris and what’s the weather in New York,” you can ask a more straightforward, “OK Google, what’s the weather in New York and Paris?”

All of this currently applies to US English only, but Multiple Actions and triple commands are planned for other languages. If you pair this with the fact that you can have three separate commands, plus what are essentially compound questions, using your Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max experience just improved noticeably. Just keep in mind the feature might not be available immediately; it’s rolling out over the next couple days to users in the US.