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Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion launches on June 13th

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The news comes as an E3 surprise

Image: Nintendo

Splatoon 2’s upcoming Octo Expansion wasn’t a focus during Nintendo’s big showcase at E3, but there’s news coming out of the expo anyway: Nintendo has announced that the new single-player DLC will be available as of tomorrow, June 13th.

The Octo Expansion is the first paid DLC for Splatoon 2, but it promises to add a lot of content to the game, with 80 new single-player campaign missions that will have players using the game’s various paint-based weapons in the series’ toughest challenges yet. In an early hands-on, The Verge’s Nick Statt found the new levels shockingly difficult, so even the most hardened Inkling experts should expect some complicated missions ahead.

Completing all 80 levels will come with its own reward, though: players will be able to play as the octopus-like Octolings in the online competitive multiplayer mode.

Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion will release on June 13th for $19.99.