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Apple’s ‘Behind the Mac’ ads have a double meaning

Apple’s ‘Behind the Mac’ ads have a double meaning


Yes, behind

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Apple just released four new ads focused on the Mac. The ads are teeming with emotion, showing earnest people doing creative things behind their Mac computers. Unfortunately, the series is dubbed ‘Behind the Mac’ at a time when many worry that Apple has lost the plot causing the Mac to fall behind the competition.

Each YouTube video links out to Apple’s Mac page, a page that’s headlined by the $5,000 iMac Pro. However, as noted by Quentin Carnicelli over at Rogue Amoeba, the iMac Pro is the only macOS computer to get an update in the last year. The computers featured in Apple’s new ads are all MacBooks.

Right now, Apple’s Mac computers are plagued by a series of concerns. Off the top of my head:

  • The MacBook Pro is a not a computer made for professionals.
  • TouchBar, lol.
  • Mac Pro, ugh.
  • Why is Apple still selling a giant, under-specced, and over-priced Mac Mini that hasn’t been updated or seen a price drop in over four years?
  • When will Apple fix the questionable MacBook keyboards?
  • Why hasn’t Apple updated its Macs with the latest Intel CPUs yet?

This image from MacRumor’s excellent buyer’s guide sums up the situation nicely:

I’m sure the message we’re supposed to take away from the new ad campaign is that Apple is committed to the Mac platform, despite evidence to the contrary. Great. But instead of new ads, wouldn’t it be better if Apple released some new Macs instead?