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Apple Maps went down for everyone for a few hours today

Apple Maps went down for everyone for a few hours today

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Apple has confirmed on its support site that Apple Maps is having significant issues today, causing problems for people across platforms who are trying to search for locations or obtain directions to a destination, as first reported by 9to5Mac.

If you try to use Apple Maps, it will attempt to load results for about 30 seconds before timing out, showing “No Results Found.” People first started noticing problems earlier this morning, reporting issues on social media, but Apple’s system status page didn’t reflect that services were down until a bit later. It now shows that Maps routing, navigation, and search are not working properly. These issues affect all users, including those using platforms where alternative maps aren’t an option, like Apple Watch or CarPlay.

Things should (hopefully) return to normal soon, but make sure you have an alternate map service in the meantime if you need directions.

Update June 15th 1:35PM ET: Apple has updated its status page noting that the issue has since been resolved.