I'm Mr Selfie, look at me - a letter to haters


Looking at the comment threads under new notch / no notch / pop-up cam smartphones, it seems to me that there is a certain amount of anti-selfie snobism from Verge readership.

For those of you who have been out of the loop recently, a small selection of typical comments:

Would love a phone without selfie cam, I use mine like max 3 times per year #edgy

Are there really people so self-centered as to even need a front-facing camera?

Hey guys don't be so extreme, I really do use that camera (for video call, of course I don't take selfies!

Having been in this crowd for quite a time, I understand all these reactions.

But I've Grown, And I've Seen The Light! (just kidding, we pixel owners don't need no flash)

So let me just list a few of my own use cases, for your pleasure :

  • video call with relatives (I'm starting softly)
  • group selfies with friends / family when on vacation / out for dinner
  • sweet selfies with gf so she can berate me about how I always make her look ugly
  • when I don't have a mirror and that piece of salad wont get out of my teeth
  • for those moments where my inner neural network has been trained by my gf to assess that I'm handsome (reinforcement learning ftw)
  • when I want to show my friends a "during / after shave" album (the kind that pops up at weddings)

Since my inner snob hasn't completely vanished, I make no use of instagram, but surely many people do, so let them enjoy! What do you think ?

Reticulating poll splines...