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HomePod Stereo is surprisingly good!


I haven’t seen any posts on people’s experience using the HomePod as stereo speakers with the release of AirPlay. I just got a pair of HomePods yesterday and set them up. So far they have exceeded my expectations. They are very solid speakers and easily hold their own against speaker systems costing 2x or 3x more.

For regular music they exceed my BeoPlay A9 that I have been using as my primary AirPlay speakers. The HomePods have a much wider sound stage and the bass is surprisingly punchy for such a small speaker. I also briefly switched my current Sonos 3.1 speakers connected to my Apple TV with the pair of HomePods and shockingly the HomePods actually sounded better!

If Apple extends AirPlay to support 5.1/7.1 and offers HomePod across a range of sizes they could easily challenge Sonos and others. The set up was was super easy. Also using Siri for music has worked fine for me. Anyone else using HomePods as stereo speakers? what do you think?