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Epic Games will get rid of accidental swastika in Fortnite

Epic Games will get rid of accidental swastika in Fortnite


The symbol isn’t meant to be there

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Photo: EuBestCityEu

Fortnite’s defining feature is that it lets you build structures, but the creators have no control over what you do with that power. Players love to forge words, buildings, statues — just about everything under the sun. Recently, some Fortnite players were messing around with the building ability and were surprised to find the game displayed a swastika in the middle of their creation.

Making anything in Fortnite requires materials such as wood and stone. In a recent Fortnite squad match, Reddit user EuBestCityEu decided to gather metal resources to lay down a ground for a dance floor. The floors were then edited in-game to modify their shape, EuBestCityEu says, only to form an apparent swastika symbol between all the metal sheets. EuBestCityEu went on Reddit to ask for an explanation from the creators of the game, as they are active on the forum.

“This was unintended and will be addressed ASAP by adjusting the metal piece art,” said an Epic developer. The studio confirmed to The Verge that it is getting rid of the accidental symbol so it does not appear when other players replicate this shape in-game. It’s a touchy situation with a swift resolution, one that is a testament to Epic’s generally speedy response times. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is out of the game by the next update, which is slated to drop later this week.

Update 6:11PM: An Epic Games representative told The Verge that the swastika fix will appear in-game next week, and will look like this:

Photo: Epic Games