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Microsoft starts testing new diverse Xbox Live avatars

Microsoft starts testing new diverse Xbox Live avatars

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After months of delays and leaks, Microsoft is finally unveiling its new Xbox Live Avatars. Originally scheduled for last fall, the new avatar system will be available to Xbox Insiders later today to test before being broadly rolled out to all Xbox One users. The new avatars will let you fully customize your online character with body type options, clothing, and props.

Microsoft is starting its testing by letting Xbox One users access the new Avatar Editor. It’s an app that includes customizations for avatars, and Microsoft says it will add accessories, props, moods, clothing, and appearance categories in the future, alongside more content after launch. Microsoft’s Xbox Avatar Editor lets you customize body, face, hair, makeup, limbs, and even fingernails. All the options include color pickers, and the ability to buy additional items from an avatar store. 

Microsoft’s new avatars will also be integrated into the Xbox One dashboard. “Right now, we’re only turning on the Avatar Editor itself, but Xbox dashboard integration will be coming soon to Insiders,” explains Bradley Rossetti, Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Team Lead. The new Xbox Avatar Editor will be available by 12PM PT / 3PM ET for Xbox Insiders on the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings. Microsoft hasn’t revealed exactly when the avatars will launch for all Xbox One users.