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Alto’s Odyssey is coming to Android next month

Alto’s Odyssey is coming to Android next month

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Serene snowboarding game Alto’s Odyssey is finally making its way to Android next month. It was released on iOS back in February.

Once again, Team Alto will be partnering with Noodlecake Studios to handle porting the sequel. And like the Android version of Alto’s Adventure before it, it looks like Odyssey will be free on Android and supported by ads and in-app purchases, instead of the one-time purchase offered on iOS. It’s yet another indication of the piracy problem that tends to plague premium Android games and apps on the platform.

When Odyssey first came out earlier this year, we noted that it was a satisfying sequel that “manages to expand on the original in fresh ways that matter to the gameplay experience (both from a mechanical and graphical perspective), without compromising the things that made the first one great.” Android fans of the first game who have been watching their iOS friends with envy for the past few months will definitely want to pick this one up.

There’s no firm release date yet outside of “next month,” but Alto’s Odyssey is already available for preregistration on the Play Store.