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Google Chrome on Android can now cache news articles on Wi-Fi for offline reading

The feature has rolled out in 100 countries

Image: Google

For emerging markets that often have to purchase data through prepaid SIM cards or others with limited data plans, viewing news articles can be a slow process full of constant interruptions. Google Chrome on Android is getting a new feature that will automatically download relevant news articles when connected to Wi-Fi, which should help cache articles for offline reading, the company announced yesterday.

You could already download articles through third-party apps or by saving a page offline, but those methods often require users to manually pick which articles to save. Today’s update automatically downloads articles that are recommended to you based on interests and location.

Since the cache articles are ones that Google personalizes for you, they may not always be exactly what you want to read. Still, it may be helpful for some users who want to have a bit of content for offline viewing while they’re commuting or waiting in an area with limited connectivity.

Google is aiming the new feature at emerging markets that have limited access to data, and it’s rolling out to 100 countries, including India, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil. The feature can also be useful to anyone on a limited data plan, so here’s hoping it comes to the US soon. We’ve reached out to Google for comment on future markets and will update if we hear back.