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New trailers: Creed II, Searching, Tau, and more

New trailers: Creed II, Searching, Tau, and more

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Tau movie production photo
Photo: Sanja Bucko / Netflix

I know watching movies on plane screens is supposed to be a cinematic sin, but there’s also something great about using a flight to catch movies you might have otherwise skipped over when given a wider library to pick from on land. The tough part is picking out something that’ll play well on the smaller screen.

Earlier this year, I saw Battle of the Sexes and Murder on the Orient Express while on flights for work. Even my desperate need for entertainment couldn’t save Orient Express, which, I don’t know, I guess I shouldn’t have expected more of. But Battle of the Sexes was so relentlessly fun and big that it locked me in, fuzzy screen and all.

So what makes a movie right for planes? I’m not sure; it’s probably a little different for everyone. For me, it’s something I’m pretty sure I won’t be upset missing the small details on — it’s probably the wrong screen for something super emotional, like Call Me By Your Name. But comedies and second-rate thrillers? Sounds great.

Check out seven new trailers from this week below.

Creed II

Ryan Coogler may not be back as director, but this first trailer has Creed II looking just as strong and emotional as the first one — and of course, having Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson as your lead actors certainly goes a long way. It comes out this Thanksgiving.


Here’s a second look at Searching, another film that takes place entirely on a desktop through webcams, browser tabs, and local files. The movie got good reviews at Sundance, and this trailer seems to speak to its strengths — it’s a thriller, but it also seems to stand out by honing in so closely on two characters. It comes out August 3rd.

Skate Kitchen

The Wolfpack director Crystal Moselle is back with her first narrative feature, one that seems to naturally blend into her documentary background. Skate Kitchen focuses on a skateboarding crew of teenage girls in New York City and seems to be about friendship, coming of age, and navigating a traditionally male space. Making the film all the more interesting is that The Skate Kitchen is a real skate crew and they are really starring in the film — Moselle even made a short documentary about them already. The film comes out August 10th.


Gary Oldman voices a futuristic smart home AI in this very horror / sci-fi B-movie about an evil inventor who seems to have made a killer house. Like literally a house that has smart features designed to trap and kill people. It’s coming to Netflix on June 29th.

Welcome to Marwen

This very strange movie has Steve Carell playing a photographer who’s lost his memory and starts creating makeshift World War II scenes out of Barbies and action figures. The story is utterly bizarre, and somehow it’s actually based on a true story — you can read about it here in The New York Times. But really, the big draw here is the strange, action figure / human hybrid animation stuff, which looks visually striking if nothing else. It comes out around Christmas.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

For its 10th season, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is coming to Netflix. The series’ entire back catalog has already moved from Crackle to Netflix. On July 6th, Netflix will debut the first season of its own, which includes interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Kate McKinnon, and Tracy Morgan, among many other big names. 

Kiss Me First

Netflix has picked up Kiss Me First, a British series that looks like it’s spinning the premise of Ready Player One into a kind of YA murder mystery. The show already aired in the UK, but now it’s coming to Netflix everywhere else on June 29th.