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You can now download iOS 12’s public beta

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If you’re feeling bold and want a summer full of software bugs, you can now download the iOS 12 public beta through Apple’s public beta website. From there, you’ll want to navigate to the iOS tab, download the profile, and install it. The new OS features a few intriguing features that you’ll want to try, including Memoji (for iPhone X users), a Screen Time function that will tell you how long you spend on your device, and a completely reorganized group notifications system. There’s also group FaceTime and improved phone performance.

As always with the public beta, we warn you not to download it on your main device. Save it for a tester phone or iPad. If you really do want to play around on the only phone you own, make sure you back up all your data in case iOS 12 completely derails everything. The final version of the OS should be out later this fall after Apple’s annual iPhone event.