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Too Many Cooks creator returns to skewer video games and streamer culture

‘Hello, Fellow Gamers’

In 2014, Adult Swim published an “infomercial” called Too Many Cooks that became an instant viral hit. The darkly funny, surreal comedy parodied the corny ensemble-oriented title themes of the 1970s and ‘80s sitcoms before spiraling into a bizarre slasher film that defied explanation. Now, creator Casper Kelly is back with another parody — but this time, it’s aimed at the culture of games and people who stream them.

Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough, created by Kelly and Nick Gibbons, starts as a (barely) over-the-top sketch starring Blair Trigger, a streamer playing what best resembles a bad Gears of War game. In between dropping his best puns (“ass-id juice, see what I did there”) and playthrough tips, Blair reads aloud questions and comments from fans like “Masterqueef453.”

But, as with Too Many Cooks, there’s a twist. The sketch tumbles from a brutal satire about streaming into a full-blown existential crisis. Enjoy!