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There’s a vintage NSA security poster for everyone

There’s a vintage NSA security poster for everyone


Chinese proverbs, Mona Lisa, and more

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Detail from NSA security poster
Detail from NSA security poster
NSA, via Government Attic

How do you drive home the fact that keeping secrets is important? For the National Security Agency, one way is with the peer pressure of, well, beautiful posters that are designed to target a wide range of personalities.

The NSA has long used security posters to warn workers to keep their mouths shut. The latest declassified batch, from the 1950s and ‘60s, comes to us courtesy of Government Attic, a website that requests and posts historical documents that it obtains using the Freedom of Information Act. Because these posters were funded with taxpayer money, they are in the public domain and can be remixed.

The full, 139-page document is here. Below are some of our favorites, one for every kind of loose-lipped friend.

For the farmer-turned-NSA-contractor who needs just a little push to “cultivate security consciousness”:

For the art history buff who takes advice from famous paintings:

For the Gemini whose love for gossip might bring down the government:

For that friendless guy with a kanji tattoo who is really into Zen Buddhism:

For Elon Musk:

For the NFL fan:

For the productivity-obsessed friend who likes bragging about his all-nighters: