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Lil Tay has disappeared from Instagram and YouTube

Lil Tay has disappeared from Instagram and YouTube


Nearly every account associated with her has also gone dark

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Good Morning America

Lil Tay, the vulgar nine-year-old Canadian social media star who’s been filmed doing everything from kicking a Rolls-Royce to literally throwing money with Jake Paul, has vanished from the internet. All of her Instagram posts are gone, and her YouTube channel has been totally scrubbed. Nearly every social media account associated with Lil Tay — including various management and the accounts responsible for leaking videos that revealed she was being coached — has been made private or deleted altogether.

Lil Tay’s disappearance follows several weeks of controversy for the preteen. In early May, it was confirmed that her mother, Angela Tian, had been fired from her job as a Vancouver real estate agent after Tay’s videos appeared to be filmed in as-yet-unsold luxury homes. Two weeks ago, the YouTube news source #DramaAlert revealed that Tay had been coached through her many crass videos by her teen brother, Jason Tian.

Days later, Tay and her mother appeared on Good Morning America to explain their side of the story to the world. “I didn’t shoot in anyone else’s house,” Tay told GMA’s Juju Chang. “No one has proof that I did.” A week later, a video surfaced on Worldstar of a young girl who looks like Tay smoking hookah. In a Twitter post from May 29th, Jason appears to confirm the video’s veracity.

According to The Atlantic, Lil Tay and her family recently traded Canada for sunny Los Angeles, moving in with Josiah Jenkins, “a Los Angeles ‘miracle worker’ who has launched the careers of a slew of other young internet influencers.” Jenkins, a former Vine star, founded the social media company Squad Social, which creates games based on viral content that are monetized through ads .

Jenkins’ 643,000-follower Instagram account is now private. Vek, the account that sent the Lil’ Tay hookah video to Worldstar, has also been made private on Instagram; as late as last week, their posts were public. Lil Clout, a SoundCloud rapper credited alongside Vek in the DramaAlert Instagram that featured Jason coaching Lil Tay through a video, has had his Instagram page removed. As of last week, his Instagram bio was “EXPOSING LILTAY AT 100K,” presumably in reference to his follower count.

Jason’s Instagram is also private, although he alluded to the reason for his sister’s digital retreat on Twitter:

“A lot of people are going to say this or that,” Jason said on the family’s GMA appearance. “We just keep going.”