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Firefox is testing features that let you customize colors and view two tabs in one

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Mozilla Firefox is testing out two new experimental extensions that let users further customize their browser and view tabs together more easily. The first one is called Firefox Color and it lets you change the colors of the background, text, icons, and the toolbar. Whatever you change can be saved and you can also choose to share your color schemes with others.

Firefox also has a selection of pre-made color themes that you can choose from if you don’t want to customize every single color yourself.

The second feature that Firefox is testing is called Side View and it does basically what it sounds like: you can view two browser tabs at once in the same tab and window. Without the feature, you can already line up two windows side by side, or use a second monitor to view more pages at the same time, but Side View might be convenient for those with only one monitor.

Firefox is suggesting that users can compare news stories or do comparison shopping with Side View. The feature can also remember your recent comparisons and pull them up again.

Both extensions are available for testing through Firefox’s Test Pilot program, which you can download for free. It’s a place to test experimental features before they’re brought live on the browser, so there’s no guarantee that we’ll see Firefox Color or Side View make it to the final product.