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After Linkedin, Github, do you think Reddit or Adobe is next?


Microsoft has been on an aggressive shopping spree lately. Linkedin is by far the biggest at $26 Billion and this benefits, Dynamics 365 CRM by a lot also Linkedin is very entrenched into the business world. So it's a Facebook for professionals. Then we have Github which combined with Azure and MS developer tools, this would allow much better integration and it'll be good to integrate Github Enterprise into MS365.

Which leads to this question. Do you think there's a chance that Microsoft will buy Reddit?

Reddit is used by over 500 million people and is "the face of the internet" where people come to forums and join communities and socialise. But there is a potential in Reddit expanding towards the Tech Support area, where businesses with corporate accounts can help and solve problems together. Something that is a struggle at the moment.

Now another one would be Adobe, which everybody knows is a monopoly in the creative industry and will be VERY hard to replace. Microsoft and Adobe have been increasingly integrating their products with one another as of late. It wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft and Adobe announced a merger of the 2 companies. Of course Adobe will be untouched by MS just like LinkedIn and Github are.