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Microsoft buying GitHub has led to some extremely nerdy memes

Microsoft buying GitHub has led to some extremely nerdy memes


It’s the internet, after all

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It’s official. Microsoft is acquiring GitHub for a hefty $7.5 billion price tag — and the millions of developers who use the site have some feelings about it.

Despite Microsoft’s recent turn to aggressively embrace everything open source, the tech giant has a long history of opposing open software. This less-than-stellar past is spelling out a lot of distrust among the GitHub devs. Some believe that Microsoft might co-opt their codes for future products or that they’ll be strong-armed into exclusively using the company’s products. There’s also some murmurs among devs that the tech giant might add tracking or advertisements to all of GitHub’s sites, according to Slashdot.

Commentators across the tech blogosphere and the burgeoning dev communities across Twitter and Reddit have come out for and against the acquisition, and because this is the internet, there have also been plenty of memes.

There were others that made jabs at Windows’ habit of constantly updating...

Or brought back everyone’s favorite personal assistant, Clippy, to weigh in on code-writing projects.

Though Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that he’ll keep the platform “developer first,” some coders are shlepping their repositories to rivaling sites, like Gitlab, in a kind of exodus — a trend that likely won’t let up anytime soon.