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Merging tablet and PC OSs


I would like to know your opinions/predictions concerning the mobile and desktop OSs that are merging slowly. Microsoft is bringing ARM to Windows with Always Connected PCs and an SDK for x86 apps, while Apple wants to port apps the other way around by bringing iPhone apps to MacOS with an SDK. What do you think is the best solution (obviously Microsoft can’t do it Apple’s way)? What kind of operating system and processor architecture works best for iPad Pro/Surface Pro kind of devices? I know Lauren made this video, but this was more about form factor. An optimal form factor will be somewhere in the middle of a tablet and a PC in my opinion.

The only company that can really merge the 2 categories is of course Apple, since they have the iPad apps. Do you think they are making a move towards a touchscreen Mac with a Surface Pro kind of form factor? Is x86 really the best processor architecture for that (being less efficient)?