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AMD promises 32-core Threadripper processor for later this year

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The second-generation Threadripper doubles the maximum core and thread count

The 32-core, 64-thread second-gen AMD Threadripper
The 32-core, 64-thread second-gen AMD Threadripper.
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Mere hours after Intel raised eyebrows with the promise of a 5GHz 28-core processor, AMD has done four cores better with its own tease of a 32-core chip. The second generation of AMD’s Threadripper processors will have a truly extreme variant that straps four 8-core Ryzen dies together to form a unified, humongous 32-core part. This “heavy metal” Threadripper can handle 64 processing threads at a time, doubling the core count and capabilities of the original Threadripper, though it can still fit in the same motherboard socket as the first generation.

The only other details that AMD disclosed here at Computex were that the second-gen Threadripper will be built using a 12nm process and will be available to buy in the third quarter of this year.

Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

After the conclusion of AMD’s presentation, I was able to grab a photo of the default cooler for this new over-the-top Threadripper, pictured below. This heatpipe-assisted heatsink, made by Cooler Master, won’t come in the box with the Threadripper, but it’s representative of the sort of cooling system you’d need to keep one running. Then again, most people interested in a 32-core behemoth for their system probably have water-cooled rigs anyway.

The cooler required to keep the second-gen Threadripper operational is about an inch taller than the iPhone X.
Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge