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Intel teases dual-screen concept PCs as rumors of ARM versions heat up

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Photo by Mark Hachman / IDG

Intel has been working on dual-screen PCs for two years, and is starting to show off some design concepts at Computex this week. PC World reports that Intel has created prototype devices with both dual displays and electronic paper displays (EPD). A prototype device with the EPD display looks more like a Moleskine notebook than a traditional PC, with a hinge in the middle for the two screens to close flat.

Another Intel prototype uses two regular displays and looks very similar to Lenovo’s Yoga Book product. A keyboard can be displayed on one side to use the device in a laptop-like mode, but the typing would be on glass. Intel has codenamed its project Tiger Rapids, and the company’s unveiling of it comes at an interesting time. Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a foldable dual-screen device, much like the Courier concept. Microsoft’s device, codenamed Andromeda, is rumored to include a Qualcomm ARM processor.

Photo by Mark Hachman / IDG

Recent rumors also suggest Dell could be considering a dual-screen device running on an ARM processor. With the rumors heating up, it’s understandable that Intel would want to make everyone aware of its own concept projects. Intel doesn’t plan to make its concepts a reality itself, though. Intel is sharing its reference designs with OEM partners, and Asus and Lenovo are creating devices that are inspired by Intel’s own concepts.