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The Void is opening nine new VR centers in Austin, Philadelphia, and other US cities

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Photo by ILMxLab

The Void, known for elaborate virtual reality productions based on Ghostbusters and Star Wars, is opening nine new locations. The Utah-based company announced today that it’s opening “experience centers” in Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Hollywood, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Santa Monica, California; and Washington, DC. This brings the total number of centers up to 17, mostly but not exclusively in the United States. The company says it hopes to open more centers globally in the future; right now, it has branches in London, Dubai, and Toronto.

The Void didn’t say precisely when it would launch these centers or what experiences they would offer. It’s produced two big installations so far: Ghostbusters: Dimension, which premiered at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City two years ago, and Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, which opened at Disney theme parks and other locations last year. The Void’s founders initially imagined creating huge entertainment centers with multiple, original VR experiences. So far, however, they’ve operated at a more limited scale and worked with big media franchises.

We’ve been impressed by The Void’s experiences, which use detailed physical environments to create VR worlds you can feel as well as see (something the company has dubbed “hyper-reality”). And while some VR companies are struggling, The Void has apparently done well enough for an expansion.