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You can now get V-Moda headphones customized in Best Buy stores

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V-Moda has announced a variant of its Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones called the Codex Edition that will support additional codecs as well as a new program with Best Buy Magnolia stores that will allow people to personalize their Codex Edition headphones with 3D printing or laser engraving.

Previously, the Crossfade 2 Wireless supported SBC across all colorways and aptX in the rose gold version. The new Codex Edition support SBC (which provides pretty good audio without much processing power but can be inconsistent), aptX, and AAC in all available colors. For those who want to upgrade, there’s a limited time trade-in program: customers can turn in their Crossfade 2 Wireless to purchase the Codex Edition for $100 or turn in the gen 1 Crossfade Wireless to purchase the Codex Edition for $150.

Via the new partnership with Best Buy Magnolia and Microsoft stores, you can take your V-Moda headphones into a store for 3D-printed shields (in fiber) or 2D laser engraving. With the Codex Edition, it’s included in the purchase price. (It’s normally a $70 upgrade.) It’s nice to not just get it bundled in but to walk in and have it done in person. The customization will also be offered online at and

This new Codex Edition will cost the same as the Crossfade 2 Wireless at $350 and are available now in rose gold exclusively at and in-store at Best Buy Magnolia.