Not Nokia but HMD Mobile


I find it strange that whenever i read any article about Nokia phones, all writers make it a point to mention that Nokia actually didn't make these phones but HMD mobile did or something along the lines of "HMD Global" launched these Nokia phones.

However, when i read an article about the new Blackberry Key2 device today, it said:

"BlackBerry has officially announced the Key2"

The article does mention later on that TCL now makes Blackberry phones but still it very clearly says at the start that Blackberry has launched the new Key2 phone. I do not see a similar sentence for Nokia phones where HMD Global is mentioned instead.

Have you noticed this as well? I would argue that the current CEO of HMD Global actually did work at Nokia for a long period of time while i am not even sure if it is true in the case of TCL.

/End of Rant :D