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Fortnite player uses shopping cart to reach mythical ‘spawn island’

Fortnite player uses shopping cart to reach mythical ‘spawn island’


Players have been trying to pull this stunt off for ages

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Photo: OrangeGuy

In battle royale game Fortnite, you need around 100 players to start a match. Until you get enough people in a lobby, players load into what is known as “spawn island,” an open area full of guns and buildings that you can mess around with before the battle begins. Once the game starts, you get thrown into the main island, where you fight until only one person is left. Spawn island and the main battlefield exist in the same space, but the starting playground is always just out of reach once the game starts. You can see it, but you can’t actually get there — until now.

Players have tried all sorts of schemes to get into spawn island since launch, of course. Videos showing players building to spawn island, or trying ride rocket missiles there, typically end in disappointment; there’s an invisible barrier that prevents people from going any further. All the same, attempts to get to spawn island have racked up millions of views on YouTube. Everyone wants to go there, but nobody knows how.

The fun thing about Fortnite, however, is that it’s constantly updated with new items that players find ways to exploit. A few weeks ago, the game added its first vehicles in the form of shopping carts. Players have mostly been building ridiculous ramps to launch themselves into the air, but one of the most groundbreaking uses turns out to be a glitch.

Yesterday, YouTuber OrangeGuy was the first to discover that if you build a slope toward spawn island and get a player to push your cart, you can actually just... float there. You’re clearly not meant to be able to do this; the character just runs on air. You can watch this in action below, though you’ll probably want to skip to the 30-second mark:

There’s nothing particularly interesting at spawn island, mind you, as players already know it intimately. The reason this is noteworthy is because it was forbidden, which only made players want to go there even more. But now that someone has figured out a method, seemingly everyone is trying it. YouTube already has a ton of videos with players hyped to finally reach it after so many months of trying.