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Sea of Solitude’s haunting trailer is about humans who turn into monsters

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An indie game discusses how we process dark human emotions

The beautiful and haunting indie game Sea of Solitude that explores dark emotions like sadness and loneliness now has a new trailer and more details announced at today’s EA keynote. It’s an EA Originals game that was picked up in 2015 and has since been in development.

Sea of Solitude is about a young woman named Kay, who is suffering from such loneliness, that her hopelessness transforms her into a monster. After her transformation, she drifts on a small boat through a deserted and partly submerged city, where she encounters other monsters and learns more about what happened to her. The game is about finding out how she became this way, but also about exploring those emotions in ourselves.

“When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters,” says writer and creative director Cornelia Geppert at the keynote. “Embrace your self doubt, in the same way you embrace your hope. This is what being human is all about.”

Sea of Solitude is coming in early 2019.