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Watch four minutes of new Anthem gameplay

Watch four minutes of new Anthem gameplay


BioWare shows off mech-on-monster action

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Photo: EA

BioWare’s answer to Destiny was shown in action today at E3 2018, and it looks impressive. Here’s a look at what sort of experiences you’ll be able to play within Anthem come February 2019.

If you’ve been following Anthem, then you know that it’s set in a future where humanity lives in cities protected by freelancers who wear mechs. During today’s gameplay reveal, we watch players donning “javelins” go out into the wild, beyond the city, where large kaiju-esque monsters roam. The player’s goal is to stop something from using a new poison-based weapon. While short, the gameplay demo showed off what it would be like to enjoy the game with a few pals. Unfortunately, the group isn’t strong enough to take on the big baddy near the start, but you can still see what it’s like to go into an Anthem stronghold in this trailer uploaded by IGN:

It seems that co-operation will be key. Javelins come in different types, and players will need to combine each other’s abilities for maximum efficiency. In this demo, for example, one javelin rushes forward to clear some mines for the rest of the squad. Later on, another javelin uses a power that freezes a number of enemies within an area, and that attack is paired with another player’s missile barrage. The trailer ends by teasing a large insect-like monster that has apparently laid eggs throughout the map.

BioWare also mentioned that in order to marry multiplayer play with meaty single-player narratives, much of the story will happen within the city itself, separate from the outside action. We didn’t see much of that narrative experience today, but the shooting seems promising, and the environments are lush and beautiful. And hey: no loot boxes.