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Lil Tay returns, despite ‘troubles,’ with a docuseries

Lil Tay returns, despite ‘troubles,’ with a docuseries


Still no recent updates from the controversial child star

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Foul-mouthed “flexer” and controversial viral figure Lil Tay is returning to the spotlight with a new docuseries called Life with Lil Tay. The multipart series will offer an inside look at Lil and “her oversized, rebellious personality.” In a teaser trailer for the series, the nine-year-old star does what she’s always done: pose with fans, toss around money, and yell about her Maserati.

The circumstances around Lil Tay’s fame have always been troubling. Her profanity-filled videos — whether she’s bragging about a new Ferrari to “all y’all broke-ass haters,” showering the concrete in hundred-dollar bills, or bragging about a new Lamborghini to YouTuber Jake Paul — and beefing with other viral stars like “cash me outside” girl Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli quickly rocketed her into the zeitgeist.

But her fall was equally rapid, starting with reports that her mother, a Vancouver real estate agent named Angela Tian, was fired from her job for her involvement with Lil Tay’s videos. A clip obtained by YouTube channel DramaAlert revealed that Lil Tay’s behavior isn’t just scripted, but directed by her teenage brother Jason Tian. In June, days after appearing with her family on Good Morning America, Lil Tay’s Instagram and YouTube were abruptly scrubbed of all content.

The child star remained off the grid until July 5th, when a strange message reading “help me” was quietly uploaded to her Instagram story. The trailer posted to Lil Tay’s account — the only video currently available — is equally worrisome. “Lil Tay is going through a lot troubles [sic] and the most difficult time in her life at the moment, but she has a show coming out on July 13,” the caption reads. “Which she had filmed before these events, but Lil Tay will be back soon.. ~ Lil Tays Management.”

The show premieres on July 13th on subscription video on demand network Zeus, which was founded by viral stars King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and DeStorm Power in partnership with TV producer Lemuel Plummer. More than 30 other series are expected to premiere on July 13th when the service launches.