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You can save your plane tickets on Google Pay now

You can save your plane tickets on Google Pay now


The money app has it all, at long last

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Google Pay tickets
Image: Google

Google is rolling out several updates to its Google Pay platform today that will bring it up to pace with the likes of Apple Pay. Many of these updates were announced earlier this year with the app’s rebranding, and now they’re finally going live.

The update includes features that many people have already been using for years through different services, including support for mobile ticketing and peer-to-peer payments. Users were able to send and request money from friends and family through the Google Pay Send app, but now, that service is migrating over to be supported inside of Google Pay. It’s all pretty familiar now, with the introduction apps like Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle. But the addition to Google Pay might make paying your friends back for drinks or food a little more convenient since all of your money services will be in one place.

Mobile ticketing is something Apple Pay has had for years, and Google is just now catching up. For users who go to a lot of shows or travel often, the ability to have plane or concert tickets on your phone instead of printing them out has become almost a necessity to modern life. This addition allows you to save your tickets from outlets like Ticketmaster or Southwest to your device. Google’s ticketing is still pretty limited when it comes to companies that support the platform, but you can expect that number to steadily increase as time goes on.

Earlier this year, Google combined a host of its own payment platforms to create the Google Pay brand. The platforms included familiar apps like Android Pay and Google Wallet. By combining them, the company was able to make a more convenient and unified service.