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Netflix will automatically download new episodes of your favorite shows on Android

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Today, Netflix released a new feature called “smart downloads” on Android phones and tablets. It will automatically delete downloaded episodes you’ve already watched and replace them with the next episode when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, helping to maximize storage space.

So, for example: if you’ve downloaded episodes 1 through 3 of a show, and you finish watching episode 1, Netflix will delete episode 1 and download episode 4. Downloads won’t start when you’re on mobile data, so it won’t eat up your data.

If you would rather rewatch old episodes and keep them in your downloads, you can also choose to switch off the smart downloads feature. You can do this by going into Downloads, selecting Smart Downloads, and toggling it off.

Ordinarily, when you download too many episodes, Netflix displays an error and refuses to let you download any more. This new feature could potentially help you avoid reaching maximum downloads. Netflix hasn’t said when the feature will come to iPhones and iPads.