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Moment adds ‘pro’ shooting features to its iOS and Android camera apps

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For a small price

Moment camera app iOS, Android Image: Moment

Moment has long offered a simple camera app to go along with its custom smartphone lenses. But now, the company has overhauled that app into something much more capable, allowing you to access full manual options and have more control over your phone’s camera.

The new “Pro” features are available as a $2 in-app purchase on iOS or as part of the flat $2 price for the app on Android. Buying them allows you to lock in ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and other manual controls. The app also allows you to shoot RAW and use the shutter button on Moment’s phone case.

Moment co-founder Marc Barros says the app has been rebuilt “from the ground up” to be faster and more capable. The company hired a small engineering team to work on it nine months ago, he said, and they “basically started over” by making a new version of the Moment app that they can build upon in the future.

There are a ton of options out there if you want a manual camera app, and this first version of Moment’s take on a pro camera app likely won’t meet everyone’s needs. But as an app for people who are buying into Moment’s lens ecosystem, it makes sense to add more and more powerful features since those users are probably looking for them.