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What were the first apps you ever downloaded from the App Store?

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Looking back as the App Store turns 10

Apple iTunes App Store Field of Icons

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the iOS App Store, which has a lot of us here at The Verge thinking about what the first apps that we ever went and installed on our iPhones and iPod Touches were.

Fortunately, Apple makes this easy — the App Store has a “Purchased” section designed to let you easily re-download apps, which also serves as a convenient ledger of (almost) all the apps you’ve ever bought or installed on your devices. (Despite the name, the section includes both free and paid apps.)

To see your original apps, head over to the App Store, tap your account icon in the top right corner, head into the Purchased section, and then just scroll all the way down. Now, there’s a couple caveats here: any apps that have been completely removed from the App Store won’t show up, so it’s not a truly complete list. And apps that haven’t been updated for 64-bit devices will still be there, but will show up as greyed-out options that you won’t be able to reinstall.

Here’s a few selections from The Verge staff — but feel free to sound off in the comments with your own look back!

Sean O’Kane:

[In reference to MiniPiano] Listen, I was excited about touchscreens, okay!

Casey Newton:

Honestly, I wish these were more embarrassing.

Dami Lee:

Flip cup and ‘r u drunk’. LOL, classic college me.

Chaim Gartenberg:

Tap Tap Revenge is still one of the best iPhone games ever made, and I will stand by that.

Nick Statt:

I really did think AIM on iOS would be a game changer, and then all of my friends stopped using AIM pretty much all at once.

Kara Verlaney:

I am so basic? And I also haven’t changed my app use AT ALL in over 5 years?

Shannon Liao:

This was back when I was taking Chinese lessons at Hunter College. I don’t remember ever downloading Facebook’s Onavo Protect so that really worries me. Also, the dates are pretty recent because I didn’t get an iPhone until the end of 2014.

Andrew Marino:

CGS is an app a podcast had. I was also really into comics. The app above CGS is DC Comics. I still use Foursquare / Swarm.

Andrew Liptak:

Echofon was an early Twitter app I used. Flashlight was basically a blank screen that allowed you to use your phone as a light (before they came with flashes). iChess was... chess. AR01 ... not sure what that was.

Adi Robertson:

I don’t have an iPhone anymore, and my first apps were jailbroken things — I did jailbroken for a while, for instance. Apparently these were my first official apps, although looking the top one up, it was apparently a completely different app when I downloaded it, and now is malware.