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Rolling photo critique thread


The Weekly Critique Thread at the Lens forum was one of the first places I posted photos to when I started taking photography seriously as a hobby. I always found these forums friendly and helpful, and my early photography experiments were critiqued here, and it helped me a lot in getting better. I'd like to get that working again!

There have been several attempts at weekly critique thread revivals, and they've all failed miserably. Too few people post or reply, so the posts never stay on top in the forum wide post listings, and they die ignominiously.

When this board was a somewhat active place, cutting off the submission at the end of the week made sense to keep things organized. Now, it just defeats the purpose. So the idea is simple: we have one single thread, which we will close/terminate when enough posts are present to make things truly unwieldy. We can revisit the idea of weekly threads if we get a decent community of regulars.

Rules for this thread:

1) Before posting a photo, please take the time to comment on as many of the previously posted photos as possible, giving constructive criticism or explaining what you like about the photo. You do not have to go in depth about what you like and dislike. You can just simply state what you liked about the photo. We really want involvement from posters, and commenting keeps the thread alive, and increases the chances of your own photos being commented on.

2) Post no more than 1 photo every 2 days. Posting every alternate day gives you plenty of chances to get critiques, without one or a few posters dominating the entire thread with too many photos.

3) Please list the settings used, if available. These settings are:

  • Focal Length
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Camera Model

Do not worry if you're not experienced in photography, the aim of this thread is to learn from each other. Smartphone photography is more than welcome! Have a new phone that you think takes great pics? Show us!

Need help linking photos to the critique thread? Here are two ways that use Flickr and Imgur! You can also upload photos to Pushbullet, and use the link to have the photo posted here. Suggestions for other methods that are quicker would be good.

Finally, always makes sure to preview your comments before posting. If your photo doesn't load, then you need to fix the photo link/HTML code. This will keep the thread clean from broken photo comments.

I hope everyone who comes by here feels comfortable posting, and regrowing the photo community that existed here.