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Fortnite season 5 introduces temporal rifts, golf carts, and new locations

Fortnite season 5 introduces temporal rifts, golf carts, and new locations

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The rocket has brought some big changes to the ever-evolving world of Fortnite. Today marks the fifth season for the battle royale game, which follows a one-time rocket launch event that added a huge crack in the sky and plenty of unfolding mysteries to solve. The big changes in season 5 include the addition of four-person golf carts, the first proper vehicles in the game, following the shopping carts from last season. (And given the game’s history with vehicles, we anticipate some issues this time around.)

As for those rifts that appear all over the map, they’re now interactive. Jump in one, and it’ll teleport you to a different point on the map where you can parachute back down to the ground. There are also some changes to the map itself. Moisty Mire has been replaced entirely and is now a desert outpost region, while a golf course has also been added. Meanwhile — in keeping with the time travel theme — there are now ancient objects littered across the map, including statues and a Viking ship. Here’s what the map looks like right now:

Fortnite map

The new season also means a new battle pass, which includes new unlockables and challenges and, uh, the option to play golf or basketball with friends.

There are a handful of other miscellaneous updates to glean from the patch notes as well. The Nintendo Switch version of the game now supports gyro controls, and for those who play the “save the world” co-op mode, there’s a new Western-themed storyline. You can check out the full details from Epic Games, though there will likely be plenty of other secrets to come once players dig into the new update.