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YouTube TV offers subscribers a free week after World Cup outage

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The worst case scenario played out on YouTube TV this week when the service went down during the England / Croatia World Cup semifinal match at the height of the game. To apologize, the company is now offering subscribers a free week of service, according to a Reddit thread. Users are reporting that the email showed up in their Spam folder, so check there if you think you might receive the discount. It’s not clear whether every YouTube TV subscriber is receiving this offer or just people who initially reached out to the company. The pay adjustment should come out to between $8 and $10 off users’ bills.

This wasn’t the first time YouTube TV flubbed a major sporting event. The service also went down during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. That’s not a great track record for a year-old service, but I guess at least the company is trying to make it right.