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Instacart is teaming with Postmates for delivery support in San Fransisco

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When you can’t wait for snacks, sometimes you need to call reinforcements


Instacart is teaming up with Postmates to deliver groceries during its busiest hours, reports TechCrunch.

The pilot program, which delivers groceries during the late morning and early afternoon, will launch in San Fransisco, with no immediate plans to expand them into other cities. Instacart reportedly says it’s “considering” bringing the program further to possibly include other delivery services in the launch.

This is in line with Postmates’ recent steps toward expanding its delivery fleets, following a recent partnership with Walmart to extend grocery-delivering services for stores in Charlotte, North Carolina. For Postmates, this could be a way to supplement local businesses that can’t afford to hire more delivery people.

“We definitely see this as a bigger part of Postmates’ future,” Postmates SVP Dan Mosher told TechCrunch. “Most brands are moving toward a world where they want to provide quick convenient delivery but they don’t have the capabilities. As we scale, we have the delivery density to drive economics in a really cost-effective way, not only to restaurants and retailers but to other on-demand services as well.”