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Nintendo Labo contest winners include a Zelda piano and a solar-powered accordion

Nintendo Labo contest winners include a Zelda piano and a solar-powered accordion


Labo players are making some killer creations

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Last month, Nintendo announced a contest that tasked fans with creating musical instruments and games out of its Labo kit. Today, the Japanese developer revealed the winners of the contest, and, naturally, Nintendo fans went all out.

Released in April 2018, the Nintendo Labo is aimed at children to teach concepts such as programming and engineering. Players take kits to build things such as cardboard robots and toy fishing rods, though the Labo can also be used for experiments and new creations.

Take the Labo piano decked out with Zelda decorations up top, for example. Not only do the decorations include a Master Sword, but there are also tiny Koroks hiding in the landscape as well. Its creator, Chris Brazzell, says that various pieces adorning the set were constructed with clay and origami. It also includes an IR sticker that makes it possible for the Labo to do something special when the Master Sword is pulled out. (Brazzell has not set a specific functionality for it yet, but it’s a nice touch.)

Perhaps the most impressive invention comes from Momoka Kinder, who created an accordion that’s powered by sunlight. She built the accordion with simple objects, such as tissue boxes and rubber bands in an effort to make it easy for other people to re-create the project. According to Kinder, the accordion plays a sound when the notes detect that you are blocking the sunlight on the buttons. Here’s a demonstration by Kinder, who also shows off the programming that makes everything function:

The official contest website highlights other top creations, which include inventions such as a clock, a T. rex, and a mini treehouse. For their efforts, these fans will win a cardboard-color Nintendo Switch that is not available to the public. They earned it.