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Apple won’t replace faulty MacBook Pro keyboards with third-gen components

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The third-gen hardware is ‘exclusive’ to the newer model


The new, third-generation MacBook Pro keyboards are definitely quieter, but they won’t be used to swap out the faulty ones from older MacBooks, reports MacRumors. In a statement, Apple says the third-gen components are “exclusive” to 2018 MacBook Pros, so if you plan to take your laptop in for a repair, don’t expect the latest hardware — unless you buy an entirely new computer.

Last month, Apple unveiled a service program for the malfunctioning MacBook keyboards after determining that “a small percentage of the keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models” might have keys that are “sticky” and don’t respond consistently.

Additionally, some letters on the keyboard would repeat too many times when typed or not appear at all. Apple didn’t specify why a keyboard might act wonky, but users speculate that it may be caused by dust and debris that gets caught underneath the second-generation butterfly mechanism keycaps. The service, which might entail replacing a key or two or swapping out the keyboard entirely, is being offered to Apple customers free of charge.

In comparison, the third-gen keyboards have a thin silicone slip under every key. Apple hasn’t directly acknowledged if these keyboard updates were meant to repel debris or if they were just meant to make typing a little quieter. We also have yet to determine whether this new design improves reliability.