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Tinder tests letting users send Bitmoji because you can’t send real photos

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A Snap and Tinder partnership


Tinder announced today that users in Canada and Mexico will be able to send their personal Bitmoji within the dating app. They’ll have to connect Tinder and Snap on their phones, but once they do so, they can send stickers to matches. For now, this is only a test, meaning Tinder could decide not to roll out Bitmoji globally.

This feature was already previewed with the launch of Snap’s Snap Kit. The developer kit lets app makers integrate parts of Snap into their own products. Tinder doesn’t allow daters to send photos to each other, probably out of fear of inappropriate, unwanted content surfacing. Because of this, the company has been testing how to let users incorporate more of themselves into the app without fully opening it up to all content. For instance, daters can now create repetitive GIF “loops” for their profile.

Bitmoji doesn’t feel super personal to me, but I guess if it’s the only option you’re given to spice up a conversation, it does lighten things up.